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“The brightest ideas always come when you do not expect them. For us, the story took its beginning almost at midnight, when I received an invitation to the interview. It sounded so unusual that I decided to try it. That’s how our long and mutually winning path started!”

— Bohdan Kuiantsev, CMO

Bohdan Kuiantsev, CMO

Are you in search of the perfect combination of success and h2h approach? That’s a match!

Since then, we tried and achieved a lot. Our team was gathered around shared values, like proactivity, enthusiasm, ambitions, and the strong belief that there’s nothing impossible. That’s why we’re sure our partners are of the same kind, daring and bold enough to give it a shot and win the market together with us!

Melissa Palabash

Daniil Filiushyn

Affiliates Team Lead CPA

Just ask what things Dan can do. We’d answer that FB-app, UAC, ASO, PPC, and In-app ads are only the tip of the iceberg.

Sometimes, we think he has ten hands to handle it all for all geos simultaneously.

Melissa Palabash

Iryna Polishchuk

Affiliate Manager - Asia

If you have social media traffic, Ira knows how to turn it into gold. Just let her know — and the best RS conditions are in your pocket, and the best promo materials are on the way!

Get all and more from your social contacts!

Melissa Palabash

Fovaz Batainekh

Tier-3 Affiliate manager

If you have followers, Fovaz knows how to save your unique personality and natively make money on your audience. So, meet the wizard of non-toxic social media monetization.

Your likes may sound like clinging coins. Just try it!

Melissa Palabash

Vsevolod Kot

all-geo Affiliate Manager

The more you have, the better. Here, Vsevolod comes with FB app, UAC, ASO, PPC, and In-app traffic results, which are crazy! Only choose how you want to get your money — CPA, CPL, or Hybrid.

Nothing is impossible if you know how!

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